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About the Institute

The New Jersey Land Title Institute is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to offer the statutorily mandated course of study necessary to qualify for the Title Insurance Producers License examination pursuant to N.J.S.A. 17:22A-1 et seq. The Institute is a not-for-profit New Jersey Corporation, and is endorsed by the New Jersey Land Title Association and its Agency Section.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the New Jersey Land Title Institute is to raise the level of competence of personnel in title insurance industry by offering a basic course of study in title insurance concepts. Click Here to Enroll

The Institute also provides selected studies in continuing education, which also fulfills state regulatory requirements for re-licensing. We are endorsed by the New Jersey Land Title Association and encourage you to visit the American Land Title Association's Land Title Institute.

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A New Jersey nonprofit corporation


The Corporation is organized for the following purposes: to conduct an approved school pursuant to the New Jersey Administrative Code, 11:2-19 et seq., under a Certificate of Approval from the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance; and to offer courses for licensing and continuing education in title insurance and title insurance related fields, in accordance with the dictates of the Title Insurance Act of 1974, as amended from time to time, and the New Jersey Insurance Producer Licensing Act, as amended from time to time, and such other statutes which may now or hereafter affect the business of title insurance; and to educate the general public on title and title insurance matters; and to do any and all acts necessary to implement and effectuate such stated purposes, consistent with the laws of the State of New Jersey.


The Corporation may have such offices as the Board of Trustees may establish. The principal office shall be located at 4 Lincoln Place, Madison, NJ, 08940 or at such other place as the Trustees may from time to time establish.


A. TRUSTEES. The affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members as follows:

1. There shall be at least two Trustees who shall be employees or officers of Title Insurance underwriters, which underwriters must be authorized to do business in New Jersey.

2. There shall be at least two Trustees who shall be employees or officers of Title Insurance Agencies, which agencies must be licensed by the State of New Jersey as domestic title producers.

B. TERMS OF TRUSTEES: Trustees shall serve for a term of three years except as otherwise noted herein.

C. VACANCJES ON THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: A vacancy on the Board shall be filled by a majority vote of the then remaining Trustees serving on the Board. A trustee elected to fill a vacancy caused by the death, inability to serve, removal or resignation of a Trustee whose three year term had not expired as of the time the vacancy was created, shall serve for the remainder of that three year term.

D. REMOVAL: The Board of Trustees, by a majority vote, may remove any Trustee, at any time, if in its judgment; the best interests of the Institute would be served thereby.


  1. ANNUAL MEETING: The Board shall hold its annual meeting on the second Monday in June or such other date as the Board may, from time to time, fix.
  2. REGULAR MEETINGS: The Board shall hold regular meetings not less than four (4) times per year, in addition to the annual meeting, at such place as may be acceptable to a majority of the members of the Board. At each such meeting, the Board shall determine the date, time and place of the next regular meeting. The Board's Secretary shall notify all members of the time and place of each meeting by sending written or electronic ("e-mail") notice to each Trustee at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date designated for the meeting.
  3. SPECIAL MEETINGS: A special meeting of the Board may he called at any time by the Chair of the Board or any two (2) Trustees for any purpose consistent with the corporation's certificate of incorporation or bylaws. Such meeting shall be held upon five (5) days' notice; such notice specifying the time, date, location and purpose of the meeting.


All decisions of the Board shall be by a majority vote (unless otherwise provided for herein), with a quorum being present. Proxy voting shall not be permitted. Any Board member who is unable to attend any meeting in person may, however, join in deliberation and vote by telephone, e-mail or similar technology.


    A. OFFICERS: The officers of the Corporation shall be elected by the Trustees, by majority vote, and shall consist of:

  1. Chair of the Board  (who shall also act, and is also designated  as,  President)
  2. Vice-Chair of the Board (who shall also act, and is also designated as, Vice  President)
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

Any two or more offices may be held by the same person except for the offices of Chair of the Board and Secretary.

    B. TERMS OF OFFICERS: The term of all officers shall be until the next annual meeting and shall continue until their successors are elected and qualified, unless earlier terminated pursuant to other provisions of these By-Laws.  Vacancies occurring between annual meetings shall be filled by the Board of   Trustees.
    C. DUTIES:
  1. The Chair of the Board shall be the principal officer  of the Corporation  and  shall, subject to the policies adopted by the Board, supervise and control all of  the business and affairs of the Corporation. The Chair, when present, shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Chair shall have all powers as may reasonably be construed as belonging to the chief executive of   a non-profit corporation.
  2. The Vice-Chair of the Board shall perform the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence or inability to perform said duties. The Vice-Chair shall also have such additional duties and responsibilities as the Chair or the Board may, from time to time, delegate to him/her.
  3. The  Secretary  shall cause notices  of all  meetings to be  sent as set forth  hereinAnd shall keep or cause to be kept the minutes of all meetings of the Board. The Secretary shall perform such other duties and possess such other powers as are incident to the office or as shall be delegated to him/her by the Chair or the Board.
  4. The Treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept regular books of account for the corporation. The treasurer shall perform such other duties and possess such other powers as are incident to the office or as shall be assigned to him/her by the President or the Board.
    D. REMOVAL OF OFFICERS: All officers of the corporation serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees. The Board may remove any officers, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the entire Board membership.   An  officer who  is also a Trustee  may be removed as an officer of the corporation and remain a Trustee unless the action of the Board clearly indicates otherwise.


    A. AMENDMENTS: The By-Laws may be amended or repealed by an affirmative vote of at least 60 percent of the Board of Trustees called for, inter alia, the purpose of acting on such previously submitted amendment.
    B. FISCAL YEAR: The Corporation’s fiscal year shall run from the 1st day of September of each year to the last day of August of that year.
    C. CORPORATE SEAL: The Corporation shall have a corporate seal, an impression of which is embossed in the margin of this page.
    D. APPLICABILITY OF NEW JERSEY LAW: The Corporation has been formed pursuant to the laws of the State of New Jersey. These bylaws shall be construed in accordance with the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act and any other applicable laws.

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